Bookkeeping Services Offered

Bourne Bookkeeping provides full service bookkeeping:  Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, recording or printing checks for your expenses, generating statements and recording payments from your customers or donors, payroll and tax liabilities, as well as monthly and quarterly financial statements.  Reconciliation of your bank statements and investment firm statements are also available as a service offered, as well as tracking of grants, restricted funds, and capital campaigns.  Any combination of these services are available - choose what level of service meets your needs. 


The work can be done in your office using your hardware at times convenient for you.  Or, if your business or organization prefers, the work can be done online or using our laptop software such as Quickbooks Pro software at your location.  If you don't have room for us, that's fine, too.  We can pick up the materials from your business or organization and bring the finished work back to you at your convenience.  If you prefer all virtual, we will set up a Dropbox for you to scan in documents. Of course, all data, both yours and that of your clients or customers, members or donors, is kept strictly confidential.

Payroll Services

Payroll can be combined with bookkeeping or can stand alone as a service provided.  Payroll includes generating weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll and/or commission data.  We can print the checks for you using your software or Quickbooks, or we can generate "check stubs" if you prefer to write your own checks.  All tax liability data - withholding and matching - will be tracked and monthly/quarterly payroll tax forms prepared for your locality, state and federal filing requirements.  At the end of the year, W-2 and 1099s can be generated from your data.


Either in conjunction with bookkeeping or as a stand-alone service offered, we will setup and customize your donor, member, or customer database software, or maintain your existing software.  We will use the software to create targeted lists for member mailings, donor solicitations, or special offers for your customers.  

Event Planning

Does your business or organization want to put on a gala event?  A fundraiser?  A shareholder meeting?  We can help you design your event.  We will also prepare flyers, "save-the-date" mailings, formal invitations with RSVP cards, as well as track RSVPs and couvert payments for your event, provide personalized pledge cards or other materials based on the guest lists, and provide a post-event financial analysis.   As an LFUCG certified food service manager, if your event involves hot food not provided by a professional caterer or licensed restaurant, we can supervise your buffet or dinner service.  If your event needs catering, please visit for more information.

KY Sales Taxes

If your business is involved in retail sales of goods, or your organization has unrelated business income involving sales of products, we can prepare monthly or quarterly sales tax remittance forms from your data.  Whether your sales are tracked by us, by you, or by someone else, we can prepare your remittance forms for you.

New Startups

If you are wanting to form a new business or organization, or want to take your existing business from being a sole proprietorship to being an LLC - Limited Liability Company or an LLP - Limited Liability Partnership, or even a Corporation, you need to properly register your business with the local and state government authorities, as well as with the federal government.  Your business or organization needs to apply for various local and state tax reporting numbers, as well.  We can navigate this process for you, getting your new Kentucky organization or business off to a valid, legal start.  

& Mailings

We are happy to help if your busines or organization needs flyers, newsletters, bulletins, brochures, presentations, reports or other documents and materials designed, whether they will be mailed out or used in-house. 


Do you need them mailed to your donors or clients via bulk mail?  We will work with you or your selected providers to make sure the items are properly printed, sorted, and mailed to your members, customers, or donors.  

Transcriptions & Digitizing Services


We can provide text transcripts from data recorded as an audio file, video file, or on a cassette tape (regular or high speed).


Document Digitizing and Archiving Services

If you have non-digital printed material that you would like preserved electronically, this can be done in several ways:  scanning the documents to create an image file, scanning using OCR software to create an editable text file, and, worst case scenario, old-fashioned re-typing of the data contained on unusual or fragile materials.   These services are available upon request.

Don't see what you need?  Send us an email. 
We are happy to discuss special projects. 
EOY Services

There are several end-of-year reconciliations required by various local and state tax authorities, as well as tangible property taxes and LLC or Partnership net profit taxes due to some counties and the State of Kentucky.  And, of course, the IRS has its own set of filing requirements:  Schedule C or 990 returns for your business or organization.  Whether your business or organization files by paper or electronically, tax form preparation services are available.

Apply for your org's 501c3

If your new or existing organization needs to apply for 501(c)3 non-profit status with the IRS, we can help you to prepare those documents for submission.

An Unusual Situation?

If you need a special service of some sort, such as back-entering data for past years or back-filing past due tax forms, we can absolutely help.  We want your business or organization to succeed.  Sometimes navigating the maze of bookkeeping and taxes can be overwhelming for small or medium business or an organization that is busy and active.  Tell me your problem, and we will help you find a solution.

Meeting Minutes

If your business or organization is required to have shareholder or board of director meetings and needs someone to fill in for your secretary, we can attend your meeting and take notes either using a computer or by hand, then submit meeting minutes for your board to approve. Meeting minutes can be hyperlinked to other meeting documents submitted for consideration during the meeting, and all the materials posted to your "Drop-Box" or Google cloud account for easier online access.  If you prefer, they can simply be typed up and emailed to you for distribution to your Board.  


If you are having a small meeting that you would like to be legally documented with extra care, we can record the meeting, provide a transcript, and produce meeting minutes if desired.