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Paperwork piling up?
Behind on your data entry?
Big project?
Baffled by bookkeeping?
Tax deadline coming up?
We've got you covered!
  • Full Service Bookkeeping

  • Payroll & PR Tax Forms

  • Monthly/Quarterly Financial Reports

  • ​Administrative Services

  • ​Prepare Documents & Mailings

  • ​Donor/Client Database Management

  • ​EOY Tax Forms, Donor Receipts, Reports

  • ​Business and Organization Startup

  • Meeting Minutes and/or Court Reporting

  • ​Transcription Services

  • Notary Public, State at Large

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Bourne Bookkeeping & Administrative Services offers full service bookkeeping and other management services for your small or medium non-profit organization or local business.  Do you need a bit of short-term help or are you looking for a long-term arrangement?  In-house or out-source?  Look no further.  Help is on the way!


There is no charge for a one-hour initial consultation.  Let's meet and discuss your needs.  We will work out a rate structure and a payment schedule that will fit with your budget.  Our goal is to promote locally owned businesses and to help non-profit organizations and NGOs make the world a better place.  We want you to succeed.  Together, we can make it happen.

Women owned business
No charge for a one hour consultation

Bourne Bookkeeping & Administrative services (originally known as Professional Transcription LLC) was formed in 1993 as a sole proprietorship and subsequently grew to be an LLC.  During that time, we have worked with a wide range of client types who needed all sorts of bookkeeping and administrative services, as well as document preparation and transcription services. For the last five years we have been specializing in non-profit bookkeeping and administration, but we are happy to work with any local business.  Local businesses and organizations are the backbone of a robust economy, and we can help you reach your goals.  We are flexible with your scheduling - your needs are primary.  Day or evening? - whatever works for you.   Let's talk about your goals and how we can help you meet them. 

                                                                                                                Reach for the stars - We'll help you get there! - Gayle Bourne


Do a good deed!  Give the gift of an hour of help to a nonprofit or a small business who needs assistance.   Your donation will provide you with karma points, a warm fuzzy feeling, but not a tax deduction, alas.  It will, however, go into a restricted fund and be applied to the bill of a client who needs more help than their budget will permit.  This fund allows us to donate hours of work to worthy causes.  Will you help?